8 Wellness Activities To Do With Your Partner Today 

Overall wellness is a life-long journey that requires consistency, commitment, and determination. Wellness is a process; it is not something that is achieved overnight. Traditionally, wellness has focused on just physical and mental health. Now, we have the eight dimensions of wellness that encompass our lives. These eight dimensions are a staple part of our lives, and we must understand that each one can impact the overall quality of life. 


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Achieving personal wellness can be an excellent source of motivation. Achieving wellness with your loved one, on the other hand, can lead you to challenges that will strengthen your relationship and establish a deeper connection. Several studies suggest that couples working together in conquering unhealthy habits have more successful outcomes. With that in mind, here are eight wellness activities to do with your partner today: 


  • Establish A Regular Exercise Routine 

Having a consistent exercise routine with your loved one will help both of you stay fit. It will help you feel more robust and reduce symptoms of diseases. According to Terri Orbuch, Ph.DWhen you physically take care of yourself, you will reap the benefits emotionally, psychologically, health-wise, and in your relationships.Partner your workouts with a healthy diet and sufficient sleep to achieve physical wellness. Having a regular workout routine is also a means to establish a deeper bond with your partner. 


  • Stay Connected With Your Family, Friends and Loved Ones 

Keeping your connection with your family and loved ones can help you and your partner achieve emotional wellness. Knowing that you have family and friends who will lend their ears during hard times will help in keeping your emotions on track. It will help you and your partner cope well with feelings, stay grounded, maintain calmness and feel happiness.  


  • Don’t Be Afraid To Meet New People 

Humans are social beings. Meeting new people can aid you and your partner achieve social wellness. Interacting with different people will help you and your loved one keep an open mind and appreciate life more. For many people “group therapy can be more powerful and mutative than individual therapy,” according to Judye Hess, Ph.D. Having a support group apart from your family will help you feel more connected.  


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  • Explore A New Hobby 

Exploring a new hobby with your loved one can help expand your skillset. Continuously finding ways to broaden your mind and explore your creative side can help you achieve intellectual wellness. It will help improve brain function by exercising and engaging the brain with new challenges. 


  • Share Your Knowledge 

Imparting knowledge to the people around you will lead you and your partner to occupational wellness. It will help you enrich your lives by becoming part of someone else’s growth. One way you and your partner can achieve this is by volunteering in your local community. This activity will strengthen engagement and lead to the empowerment of you, your partner, and the people around you. 


  • Travel Together 

Exploring a new place can lead to spiritual wellness. Taking time with your partner to travel to somewhere new, or even a comforting place, can do wonders for your health. Travelling can help you block distractions to relax and reflect. It will lead to a better connection with yourself and your partner. According to Jean Kim M.D.  “Travel disrupts your routine and introduces novelty to your brain, which improves cognition and helps reactivate reward circuits. You have to think about how to get through new neighborhoods, new transportation patterns, new customs and rules. Initially, such changes can be stressful and frustrating, as anyone who has dealt with minor annoyances like different toilets or trouble getting change back for large bills knows.”



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  • Take On A Money Savings Challenge 

Financial wellness is being secure with your financial situation. It includes making mindful financial decisions, preparing for short-term and long-term goals, and being a responsible spender. You and your partner can practice financial wellness by taking on a money savings challenge together. You can even have a personalized challenge to add a personal touch. 


  • Become Advocates Of The Environment 

You and your partner can start your journey on environment wellness in small steps. You can buy metal straws and skip plastic cutlery and opt for dining in. Maintaining a healthy environment is essential in keeping healthy lives. Having a well-cared physical environment around you will also help you and your partner feel more comfortable. 


Achieving overall wellness is not limited to big, grand gestures. Small, everyday actions can account for bigger things. Wellness is not a chore; it is a lifestyle. When you and your partner actively seek wellness, you integrate healthy actions in your lifestyle. Doing this together can not just lead to a healthier life, but towards a more robust and stronger relationship, as well.