Wellness For Same-Sex Couples 

Nowadays, going to the gym to exercise is a must for most people. If you ask them why they torture themselves with extended hours on the treadmill, you would hear them saying “I want to get fit,” or “I want to be healthy.”  


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However, ‘being healthy’ is more than what meets the eye. Strictly speaking, wellness is being able to fit in different dimensions to lead a balanced, fulfilling, and happy life. These dimensions encompass the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the individual. 


Effect Of Marriage On Wellness 

In general, married individuals are healthier than their counterpart. Several studies suggest that marriage brings benefits to the individual. These benefits include improvement in economic well-being, as well as improved mental and physical health. 


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Having someone to share the things that happened to you at the end of the day is already a blessing. Imagine, there is someone who would want to spend his/her happy days, and not-so-great, days with you. A partner who will stay with you in sickness and in health. Indeed, marriage has a positive effect on a person’s emotional well-being. 


Marriage can improve an individual’s health through the betterment of one’s social and economic status brought by marriage. It can lead to improved access to health care services, and therefore, less stress to the individual. The spouse is a significant influencer to the other’s lifestyle. Both of them may lead each other to drive a healthier life through an active lifestyle, and healthy food options. 


Overall, studies show that those who are married have a longer lifespan than those who are not.  


Challenge With Same-sex Marriage 

On June 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal. However, a court ruling will not immediately change the public’s opinion on the matter right away. Many are still against same-sex marriage. In fact, after the bill was passed allowing the marriage, some county clerks were refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Many anti-same-sex marriages were not passed. 


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Although same-sex marriage is considered legal in all 50 states, those who get married may suffer the post-marriage backlash. According Tyger Latham Psy.D. to “Same-sex marriage remains a controversial issue, often eliciting strong emotions for those on both sides of the issue.  The American Psychological Association cited a large and ever growing body of empirical research illustrating the harmful psychological effects of policies restricting marriage rights to same-sex couplesSome same-sex couples tell that although they can get their marriage license and get married, they can easily get fired from the job for openly admit that they are gay through their marriage. Some also experienced being driven away from a restaurant because of their sexual orientation. 



How To Improve Your Wellness As A Same-sex Couple 


  • Surround Yourself With Supportive Friends And Family  

It is essential to surround yourself with loved ones and friends who are accepting and understanding of your same-sex marriage. The world is harsh and judging. Surrounding yourself with a support group, and spending time with them – with or without your partner, will be good for you, especially in the emotional aspect, in the future. 


  • Accept That The World May Not Be As Understanding 

Accept the possibility that you might be discriminated. According to Michael Friedman Ph.D.Gay, lesbian or bisexual people are 10 times more likely to experience discrimination based on sexual orientation than heterosexual people. Mistreatment comes in many forms, from seemingly benign jokes to verbal insults, unequal treatment, and in the most extreme cases, physical violence. Further, for many LGBT people, bias is everywhere and lasts a lifetime: at home, school, work and in the community.Talk to your partner about it. How will the two of you handle it? What will you say to the bully? Remind yourself that you are strong, and whatever comes your way, you will be able to handle it.  


  • Educate Yourself 

Read up! Learn the LGBTQ rights in your state. Can you be fired from your job because of your gender? Can the service crew refuse to serve you because you are gay?  


  • Take Up Classes Together 

Take up classes you can do together. As a physical activity, it is a good idea to start lightweight lifting and jogging. Physical activity enhances the individual’s good mood! Sarah Gingell Ph.D.  “The idea that physical exercise might do something really fundamental for mental health is less immediately obvious—especially given the Western distinction between “mind” and “body” that implies mental and physical health can be separated.” For other activities, you can try painting or cooking. 


  • Always Communicate With Each Other 

Communication with one’s spouse is essential in maintaining that happy marriage.  Always communicate with your partner. Talk about both of your financial statuses. Be transparent



Communicate about the things that make you happy, and those that bother you.  When feeling depressed or discriminated, bring it up with your partner. Remember,  facing a problem with two heads is better than one.