Reasons Why Wellness Leads To Stronger Relationships 

As stated by the World Health Organization, wellness is not just the absence of diseases or illnesses. Wellness is an active process. When you decide to take your journey to wellness, you actively seek awareness and make decisions that will lead to a healthy and fulfilling life. It is more than just a healthy body. It is a healthy mind, body, and soul.  




However, achieving wellness does not just benefit yourself. It extends the benefits to the people around you, and to your relationships. Here are eight reasons why wellness leads to stronger relationships:

  • Taking An Active Role With Social Wellness 

Social wellness is having an active role in society. Seeking social wellness with your loved one will improve the quality of your relationship. You participate in deeper connections, sense of belongingness, and having a healthy support system. As Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC  said in her online article titled ‘The 8 Dimensions of Wellness: Where Do You Fit In?,’ “Wellness can be compromised by lack of support…” Working towards social wellness will establish a more meaningful relationship with each other, and will strengthen the love. 


  • Practicing Self-Care With Emotional Wellness 

Self-care is important. It is imperative that you seek your emotional wellness to be able to take better care of your relationships. This wellness includes self-esteem, self-acceptance and better management of your own emotions. Emotional wellness leads you to manage stress more effectively and to cope with your feelings.  


  • Continuous Learning Through Intellectual Wellness 

Having intellectual wellness entails having an open mind. It helps you create responsible decisions, explores new ideas, and think critically. Seeking mental wellness in your relationships will establish an open mind between you and your loved one. It avoids making abrupt decisions, closed minds, and non-acceptance of different perspectives. 


  • Having A Purpose With Spiritual Wellness 

When you seek spiritual wellness, you find a purpose. You look for a deeper meaning in life. It allows you to develop a set of values that will aid you in your journey of seeking your purpose and meaning in life. Seeking spiritual wellness in your relationship entails establishing a deeper meaning in your love for one another and finding a deeper purpose for your connection. 


  • Sufficient Funds With Financial Wellness 

Financial wellness means becoming a financially responsible individual. When you and your loved one seek financial wellness, both of you become mindful of spending your money. You make informed monetary decisions that are not impulsive. You and your partner employ skills that will manage your resources effectively and efficiently.

According to clinical psychologist, Joe Lowrance, PsyD, “Financial wellness is a component of overall wellness.




  • Maintaining A Thriving Lifestyle With Physical Wellness 

Physical wellness is not just being sick rarely. It extends to managing a healthy body by having an active lifestyle. This physical wellness includes regular exercise, healthy food, getting sufficient sleep, and listening to your body. Exploring physical wellness with your partner will not just lead to healthy bodies, but this will strengthen your connection and deepen your bond with each other. “Physical health is perhaps the dimension most commonly associated with wellness,” said Shainna Ali Ph.D., LMHC, a mental health clinician.


  • Life Enrichment Through Occupational Wellness 

Satisfaction and enrichment from work, enjoying professional endeavors, and taking a proactive approach when planning your career encompasses occupational wellness. When you and your loved one seek occupational wellness, you continuously explore opportunities that are consistent with your values. You set goals and actively participate in achieving these goals.  


  • Stewardship Through Environmental Wellness 

Environmental wellness includes becoming stewards of the environment. It is having a lifestyle concerning our surroundings, understanding nature and taking specific actions to protect our environment. When we maintain environmental wellness, we also support our own health. Keeping a healthy environment will enable us to keep ourselves healthy. 




Actively seeking wellness in these eight dimensions will lead you and your partner to a life that healthy in all aspects. It is a process and a never-ending commitment to powering your body, engaging your mind, and flourishing your spirit. Achieving a personal harmony with these dimensions will lead you to a healthier life and stronger relationships.