Is the Use of E-Cigarettes Dangerous For You?



There are a growing number of e-cigarette users all over the world. “E-cigarettes are easy to find, easy to use and easy to hide for far too many children in this country,” says Amy Lukowski, PsyD, MPH. Its popularity can be attributed to many factors. Many users claim that e-cigarettes are the perfect solution to help them quit smoking. “Cravings are both mental and physical.” said Dr. Kevin Gilliland, Psy.D. However, some individuals also claim that this electronic nicotine delivery device merely satisfies the need of smokers without preventing them from actually smoking.

Facts About E-Cigarettes

  • All electronic cigarettes still contain liquid nicotine. Every e-cigar comes with it a mixture of nicotine, flavors and other important components. The amount of liquid nicotine depends on the cartridge or container found in the device.
  • The e-cigarettes can be re-used from time to time. The batteries attached to the device are rechargeable. At the same time, they are also refillable which gives the smokers the leeway to regularly change the liquid mixture used.
  • Since these gadgets are reusable, the users can actually save tons of money. The tobaccos and cigarettes are usually more expensive since the smokers will need to purchase them regularly. Unlike e-cigars, all they need to do is to purchase one device and they can continue to use it for months or even years.


Effects of E-Cigarettes

In a recent study conducted by Matthew Carpenter, Ph. D. at the Medical University of South Carolina, he said that smokers who use electronic cigarettes end up smoking less. He concluded that its use is actually helpful in motivating individuals to completely quit smoking.


According to him, combustible cigarettes or the traditional ones are absolutely harmful to the smokers. In addition to that, “until we have more science, we don’t know what to do about this and we ought to be very careful because it’s got nicotine in it and we don’t know what harm the aerosol has,”  says psychologist David Abrams. The nicotine found from these tobaccos can lead to health problems such as lung cancer, asthma, diabetes and many more. His study proved that the use of an alternative nicotine delivery device could decrease the risks of the illnesses that may be acquired through smoking. Hence, the e-cigarettes have the possibility of reducing the harm to the health of the users.


Nonetheless, some experts still claim that e-cigarettes can still cause some health problems, especially when not taken moderately. There are some e-cigar users who still suffer from lung cancer due to the fact that they can still take in liquid nicotine. While the e-cigarettes may be smoke-free and tobacco-free, they are still not nicotine-free. This is the reason why the use of this device must still be regulated.


Guidelines for the Use of E-Cigarettes




  • Avoid using the e-cigars in public. Keep in mind that it still produces smoke, which may be harmful to the people around you.
  • At the same time, the smoke may also cause irritation or annoyance to others. Be sensitive when it comes to smoking this alternative nicotine delivery device.
  • Before taking out your e-cigars in the workplace, it is highly recommended to ask your co-workers first if there are designated areas for smoking. It is a common misconception that its use may be done anywhere. This is completely wrong since there is still vapor that comes out from the device. Therefore, its use must be kept away from other individuals.



Between the combustible cigarettes and electronic cigars, the latter is proven to be less harmful to the health of its users. Despite that, both items are still considered as dangerous to smokers. Whether you choose to do the traditional way of smoking or go for its alternative, the effect is still the same. It may still lead to some respiratory problems.