The 2014 New York Healthcare Conference Addresses Mental Health

The 2014 New York Healthcare Conference confirmed that the area of mental health is lagging. According to them, almost 25 percent of adults suffer from mental health problems which affect their quality of life. It is clearly evident how crucial it is to include psychiatric health care in any health care system, but this has not been the case.

Here are some of the challenges the mental health face in the world today.

Lack Of Support

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There are some federal states which increased their funds for mental health care. This increase is to support several mental health initiatives and projects in the area. Despite this, mental health resources are still lacking in most parts of the country. In fact, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, there is still a whopping 60 percent of U.S. countries who do not have a professional psychologist and practicing psychiatrist in their area yet.

Ongoing Stigma

There is still an ongoing stigma that mental health. This stigma discourages people from seeking professional treatment. Hence, it is essential to encourage people to talk about mental health openly and break the knowledge gaps they have with regards to this topic.

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Research Gap

Yes, the knowledge on mental health is out there. However, the research and data to back these up are still not enough. The problem of lack of studies also results in outdated technology and medical practices by the professional.

Payment Landscape

There is an increasing demand for psychological health care, but the supply of health care professionals are not enough to cover this demand. Because of the limit supply, there is a tendency that people who need these services won’t be able to avail them due to a surge in prices.

There are still many aspects to cover when it comes to mental health. Hopefully, these can be addressed with the increasing initiatives of private groups.