COVID-19 Awareness – Detoxifying The Emotional Well-Being

We can’t help but care too much about stuff going on lately, especially during this pandemic. That explains why we often experience stress and anxiety. We overthink the things we can’t control because we are afraid of the uncertainties of the future. Sometimes, we feel that we are continually drowning with all the struggles we are facing, such as family, health and safety issues, financial matters, as well as our emotional and mental health. So to keep ourselves stable, here are some of the ways we can detoxify our emotional well-being.


The Benefits Of A Home Makeover

We understand that familiarity is something that gives us comfort. That is why we tend to stick to the things around us often because we feel safe and contented. But sometimes, when we are too familiar with something, we get stagnant. We experience an emotional burden that prevents us from feeling excited, motivated, and happy. So to ease that emotional struggle, a home makeover can be a great option. Since we are at home quarantine, it will give us this feeling of changing our comfort zone’s vibe. We’ll be surprised how changing the wall paint, decorating, and arranging stuff, and planting can brighten our mood. Besides, our home should be a safe space that helps us unwind. Thus, we need to get creative with remodeling it.


Appreciate The Little Things Around Us

Who says emotional detoxification should be expensive? Inevitably, we often ignore a lot of beautiful things in life due to our endless worry and concern about infectious disease. Perhaps we feel that things are not the same anymore. But that shouldn’t have to be a problem. There are a lot of beautiful things around us that we have to be thankful for. And just by being with the presence of something beautiful can make us feel entirely connected to our emotions. We can enjoy watching the stars at night, listening to the birds’ sound, feeling the breeze of the air, and so on. We can even thank those who are with us in time of this pandemic, especially when we find ourselves battling with stress. Remember, there is no such thing as a boring life.


Change In Perspective Through Journaling

When our lives feel a little bit messy because of the adjustments we can’t seem to manage, we can always find time to reflect on it. The best way we can hang on with those unwanted emotions is by writing it in a notebook. It might seem to sound a cliché, but it entirely helps a lot in bringing those resolutions altogether. Journaling promotes mental and emotional balance by allowing us to become aware of the feelings we experience at a particular moment. And once we get in touch with that emotional struggle, our notes can tell us that we can do something to change it. Journaling allows us to look forward to a better future. It reminds us never to forget that even after bad times, tomorrow is always another day.


Talk To People

Understandably, we have to follow social distancing. Thus, we are not allowed to get up close to other people and some friends. But that does not mean we can’t socialize with them at all. We can make use of technology to get in touch and talk to them from time to time. There are chat, text, video, and phone calls to choose from. We have to secure our emotional health by letting the ones we care about how we feel during this time. Yes, they may not be able to help us personally, but they can always guarantee us emotional safety.