FAQs About Rural Health Clinics

  Source: commons-wikimedia.org   There were several points discussed at the 2019 Rural Health Conference. Managing rural healthcare facilities was one of the important topics, and the speaker talked about healthcare regulations and how to protect these facilities from water and pathogen infection. There were various presentations, poster sessions, and workshops from rural health professionals […]

What Is Self-Medication And Why Do People Self-Medicate?

Source: pixabay.com The 2017 Health Conference primarily focused on outbreaks of diseases. There was a discussion on the typhoid fever situation among students in an Indonesian school. The causes, symptoms, and the size of the outbreak was also talked about by researchers, clinicians, and health professionals. The tuberculosis outbreak in the Western parts of Indonesia […]

8 Wellness Activities To Do With Your Partner Today 

Overall wellness is a life-long journey that requires consistency, commitment, and determination. Wellness is a process; it is not something that is achieved overnight. Traditionally, wellness has focused on just physical and mental health. Now, we have the eight dimensions of wellness that encompass our lives. These eight dimensions are a staple part of our […]