Career Counseling

Career Counseling

What could entail career counseling, and how does career counseling work for your profession? What is the process of career counseling that makes it work?

Counseling: Career Cycle

Somehow, in the middle of your career, you have found yourself going through an endless career cycle, uninspired and uninterested in your career. It could be – “When you don’t feel like going to work, or you are emotionally drained at the end of the day. If the feelings have overcome your life, you might be suffering from depression. I recommend you go through counseling to rule out depression, but career burnout can be just as devastating,” says Marcia Reynolds Psy.D.

If you are unhappy about your career, you could rekindle that burning passion thru career counseling with a career counselor. According to the National Career Development Association, a survey made by Gallup reported that about 51% of career people were not wholly engaged in their career; meaning that these employees cannot find the essence of their career and do not feel adequately invested in what they’re doing in their careers.

Career Matters

What entails narrative career counseling and how does it work for career development? What do career counselors focus on?


When you don’t feel like going to work, or you are emotionally drained on the way to your dreams and aspirations, your passion and momentum slowly start to fade, and instead of doing well and nailing all projects, you have found yourself going through an endless


If your career means a lot to you, there are ways you can do to rekindle that passion and spark that you once had when you were starting your career. You can opt to go through career counseling sessions with career counselors.

Career counseling is all about helping people improve their careers. It provides career guidance assistance to individuals in achieving their career goals in the right career path. Counseling for your career works for practically anyone. Before you could even consider stopping for a moment and giving yourself time to reconsider careers.

Things Counseling For Career Suggests:

DeclutterFind Meaning In Everything You Do

During the career counseling process, decluttering has a way of psychologically clearing your mind from unnecessary things. Visible clutter on your office desk will only distract you from your career task and not help your brain focus on what should be accomplished.

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. concluded that “Clutter is often an insidious and seemingly harmless outgrowth of people’s natural desire to appropriate their personal careers with possessions. Career counseling advises that when clutter becomes excessive, it can threaten to physically and psychologically entrap a person in dysfunctional home environments.”

Find Meaning In Everything You Do

Without meaning, you will find yourself unmotivated with your career and everything. “Creating meaning in your life comes from throwing yourself whole-heartedly into your choices, doing the footwork,” said Rachel Fintzy Woods, MA, LMFT. Counseling for career principles recommend always thinking of the reasons why you are doing what you do in the first place.

Whether it’s for skills expertise or personal, career development, you always need to give yourself a reason to keep moving forward. If you remind yourself of the reason for staying, it’ll uplift your enthusiasm and make you further invested in your career.

Take Full Advantage Of Benefits

Career counseling benefits are essential pieces that are included in your compensation. By maxing out on these benefits, your negative outlook about your job will change into a positive one. Orient yourself on the different career benefits that your company offers and get the most out of it.



Career Counseling

In this highly competitive economy, it’s hard to find a career, let alone land a job that you find interesting and suitable for your skills and career experience. There are far less drastic career methods than quitting which can reignite the fire within you and convince you to stay with your current job. Try counseling for your growth. Your career counselor’s role will be to assess your current career and provide career information resources that will enable you to enjoy your current career or start with the job search process if career change is needed.


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