Couple Goals: Fulfilling The 8 Dimensions Of Wellness Together 

Being in a relationship is not all about the first dates, flowers, chocolates, and all the romantic hullabaloo. You will realize soon that being in a relationship entails much more aspects of your personality than just your heart’s desire.  




Being with someone means that you no longer concern yourself with your own needs, but instead, you always take into consideration the wellness of your partner. According to the World Health Organization, wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. It is not merely the lack of disease or infirmity. This definition explains why you get to meet many people who seem healthy physically, emotionally, or mentally; but somehow, they haven’t achieved wellness – as it entails a state of complete well-being. 


Read these five things you can do as a couple to help each other fulfill the 8 dimensions of wellness: 




  1. Spiritual Dimension: ComingIntoA Similar Understanding Of Faith 

Our spiritual beliefs play a huge part in how we view the things around us. It affects the way we live, what we pursue, with whom we associate ourselves, and our overall sense of purpose and existence.  “It can be the ultimate first aid for heartache; a clearinghouse for your resentments; pain and upset; a balm for your spirit; and the source of a renewed faith in love,” Diana Kirschner Ph.D.


Therefore, it’s vital that you come to a shared understanding of your spiritual beliefs. Sharing the same faith builds synergy between you regarding decision making and conflict resolution. It is a fundamental relationship aspect that has to be in unity for couples to last. 


  1. Emotional And Social Dimensions: Being Comfortable With Opening Up Your True Self 

We, humans, are social animals. We need belongingness, acceptance, and company. We want to be within the arms of someone who makes us feel safe and secure in our identity, no matter what. 


It is why you have to be open to your partner about your feelings. No lying, no pretensions. You need to learn to be honest with each other for you to maintain open and healthy communication. Having a health communication also keeps your psychological health in check, preventing mental issues such as depression and anxiety. 


  1. Physical, Intellectual, and Environmental Dimensions: Looking After Each Other’s Health

As couples, you also need to check on each other’s health conditions. Make yourself aware of your partner’s physical or mental limitations. Understand each other’s needs and concerns. Start a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious meals during your dates. Go on an exercise routine or begin your gym membership together.  


Encourage each other’s creative and critical thinking abilities. Talk about news and current events. Fill not only each other’s emotional but also intellectual tanks. Learn and explore new things that could enhance each other’s intellectual capacities. “Reading, doing challenging puzzles such as crosswords or Sudoku, debating issues with others who have opposing viewpoints, learning a new language or musical instrument, trying a new hobby, or teaching and tutoring others are all ways to maintain or improve your intellectual wellness,” said Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC.


Connect with nature and find spaces which are conducive to each other’s well-being. Travel and spend time in places which make you feel better. Spend your leisure time in the park, go to the beach, drive to a farm, or go mountain hiking. Explore this world together. 


  1. Occupational Dimension: Helping Each Other FindTheMost Suitable Work 

Take time to know your partner’s interests and the things they do best. Know what keeps them motivated. Understand their ambitions and dreams. Most importantly, be with them as they get there.  Be supportive in their jobs, especially promotions and new job opportunities. Remember that as a couple, you need to help each other grow and not be the one to hamper each other’s careers. 


  1. Financial Dimension: Growing TogetherInFinancial Maturity 

Much of adult life is about making financial decisions. Don’t be afraid to deal with money matters with your partner. This instance is where you can gauge your maturity as a couple. Be open with each other about your revenue streams and cash flows. Encourage each other to save up for the future. Help each other make better and more sensible financial decisions.  As what Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. declared in her article titled ‘What It Means to Have a Healthy Relationship with Money,’ “Understanding may prevent needless arguments and kickstart a productive talk about their new financial situation.”




Long-term couples haven’t reached that milestone in their relationship with no cost. It required a lot from them particularly regarding their maturity as a couple. A long-lasting relationship may not be perfect, but there has to be that willingness to keep each other healthy and attain complete wellness.