Career Counseling Advice: Managing Burnout without Leaving Your Current Job





As a novice in your preferred industry or field, you couldn’t wait to get your life started, expecting great things and achievements. You are yearning to utilize your skills and talents and impress superiors and colleagues with your drive and dedication.


But somehow, on the way to your dreams and aspirations, your passion and momentum slowly start to fade, and instead of doing well and nailing all projects, you have found yourself going through an endless cycle, uninspired and uninterested. It could be – “When you don’t feel like going to work, or you are emotionally drained at the end of the day, you are probably experiencing early to late-stage burnout. If the feelings have overcome your life, you might be suffering from depression. I recommend you see a therapist to rule out depression, but burnout can be just as devastating,” says Marcia Reynolds Psy.D.


What The Survey Says


If you’re feeling this way right now, you’re not alone. A survey made by Gallup reported that about 51% of workers were not wholly engaged in their work; meaning that these employees cannot find the essence of their jobs and do not feel adequately invested in what they’re doing.




Sometimes, it is natural to feel unattached from work, especially when one cannot seem to find enjoyment anymore.

However, if your job means a lot to you, there are ways you can do to rekindle that passion and spark that you once had when you were starting.


Career Counseling Advice


Before you even consider on jumping ships, stop for a moment and give yourself time to reconsider. Here’s what career counselors have to say:


  1. Declutter


Seeing less mess on your desk will put your mind at ease. Decluttering has a way of psychologically clearing your mind from unnecessary things. Visible clutter on your office desk will only distract you from your task and not help your brain focus on what should be accomplished.


According to a study conducted by Princeton University, excessive clutter tends to wrestle for your attention, making you less productive and more disturbed. The more discernable stuff that your brain consciously notices, the more you become fatigued and overwhelmed. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD concluded that, “Clutter is often an insidious and seemingly harmless outgrowth of people’s natural desire to appropriate their personal spaces with possessions… when clutter becomes excessive, it can threaten to physically and psychologically entrap a person in dysfunctional home environments which contribute to personal distress and feelings of displacement and alienation.”


Therefore, the best way to deal with the mess is to declutter by reducing unnecessary items on top of your desk and at the same time sorting your documents and folders by importance for efficient organization.


  1. Find Meaning In Everything You Do


Without meaning, you will find yourself unmotivated. “Creating meaning in your life comes from throwing yourself whole-heartedly into your choices, doing the footwork,” said Rachel Fintzy Woods, MA, LMFT, “And accepting that the results are not always in your control.” Always think of the reasons why you are doing what you do in the first place. Whatever reason you have – perhaps for your future dreams or for the money that allows you and your family to be well-sustained, or the trip abroad you’ve been saving up for- make sure that you regularly remind yourself of your motivations.


Whether it’s for skills expertise or personal and financial development, you always need to give yourself a reason to keep moving forward. If you remind yourself of the reason for staying, it’ll uplift your enthusiasm that will make you further invested.


  1. Take Full Advantage Of Benefits


Company benefits are essential pieces that are included in your compensation. By maxing out on these benefits, your negative outlook about your job will change into a positive one. It’s a huge mistake to not take full advantage of vacation days and health coverage. Other company perks you can avail of are gym subsidies, profit sharing, insurance, and discounts on travel and entertainment. Orient yourself on the different benefits that your company offers and get the most out of it.




In this highly competitive economy, it’s hard to find work, let alone land a job that you find interesting and suitable for your skills and work experience. There are far less drastic methods than quitting which can reignite the fire within you and convince you to stay with your current job.