Improving Your Emotional And Mental Health Today



There is so much more to mental health than just being a diagnosis. It’s about your complete well-being – your overall physical, emotional, and mental health. It’s how you feel about you and others. It’s your ability to handle your emotions and daily challenges. Sometimes, caring for your mental health may mean seeking out professional help, it may also mean finding ways to become better on your own. Shifting negative habits to positive ones can definitely build strength, improve your mood, and provide more happiness and enjoyment in life. Continue reading Improving Your Emotional And Mental Health Today

How To Calm Your Mind And Lower Your Stress


Overthinking about everything from your family, kids and work can lead you to feel stress. These can progress to anxiety, confusion, annoyance and disturbance to your mind and body that will make you less productive. Stress is said to be a silent killer, that can lead to other body complications which need to be addressed right away. But you do not have to worry for there are ways to lower your stress, (also with the help of an online therapist) and here is how to do it.

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4 Strategies To Mend A Broken Heart

Having a broken or shattered heart is one of the saddest things that can ever happen in your life. It hurts a lot to force yourself into letting go of someone you truly love, especially if you have been together for a long time already. In other words, love is addictive and heartbreak causes us to go through powerful withdrawal,” says psychologist Guy Winch. The complication can become bigger if your friends and family members come into the scene. These are the ones who will give you unsolicited advice, to the point that you will become more confused than ever.




When you are at this point in your life where everything seems to hurt a lot, the best r ideal thing that you can do is to decide to keep going. Do not let anyone or anything prevent you from achieving ultimate happiness because you truly deserve it. Below are some of the tips and tricks that can help you get past from a broken relationship. You need to become familiarized with this list:


Accept The Break-Up


Remember that things happen for a reason, which is why you need to learn the art of acceptance. All you have to do is to remind yourself that the break up happened for a reason. Never blame yourself for how the relationship ended. Instead, accept that you and your ex have finally come to an end. It can hurt, but the moment you start to accept the reality, you will slowly become free from the chains of pain and suffering.


Talk To A Friend


Do not hesitate to open up to a friend who can help you get a better appreciation of what is going on in your life right now. This same individual can help you to release the emotions and feelings that are kept hidden inside you. All you have to do is to find a trustworthy friend who will never get tired of listening to what you have to say or comforting you through the difficult times.




Get A Closure


While it is only normal to dislike or hate your former lover, you have no choice but to meet up with him again so that you can get closure. At this point, it is crucial to mention that this tip is only necessary if you were not able to talk during the separation. Keep in mind that getting the said closure can set you free. You will be amazed at how a simple conversation can help in your moving on process.


Be Socially Active


Dedicate yourself into doing something that can spark joy in your life. As much as possible, make an effort to find out about the latest happenings in your community. Is there an upcoming workshop or seminar? Is an annual event about to take place in your area? If yes, then do not hesitate to sign up for these conferences. It is a good way to update your skills in the industry. At the same time, it can also be an interesting method of meeting new people. According to Nathan Feiles, LCSW  “Push yourself to interact with people and prevent a pattern of loneliness and depression.”


Keep Yourself Busy


Another thing that you must always remember is to shift your attention into things, people and circumstances that can make you feel preoccupied. Sometimes, you need to become a busy individual so that you can start to forget about the breakup with your ex. Dedicate your time in finding activities that can make you feel that you are too busy to deal with certain issues. As of Loren Soeiro, Ph.D. ABPP , “You’ll need to fill your schedule so you don’t end up spending too much time alone. But it’s also worthwhile to create new memories, which take up more mental space than falling back on your old routine. These new memories can broaden the psychological distance between you and your ex.”


Retail Therapy


Sometimes, all that you have to do is to enjoy a worry-free shopping day to get over an ex. You can go to your favorite mall to get things that can cheer you up for that moment. However, you need to understand that retail therapy is not a guaranteed way of resolving your issues with the breakup or separation. Make sure to stay on budget at all times when you do retail therapy.




Go Out There


Do not be afraid to make yourself available once again. Let other people know that you are already single by attending events or going to parties. Introduce yourself to people who are interested in you so that you can give yourself another chance to love again. However, this does not mean that you will just enter into a new relationship without thinking clearly. Making yourself available and entering into a committed union are two different things.




Just because your heart is aching right now does not mean that you can already do anything you want. Keep in mind that you need to be more careful in your entering a new relationship in the future. Always prioritize yourself at all times so that you can get the right amount of energy to start anew. What is essential on your part is to continue the battle in the quest for true love. Remember that your time will come, which is why you must not become worried if you are single today. Be careful what you wish for.


Achieving Emotional Wellness – Here’s What To Do

Everything in the world has its specific energy, and part of the things’ natural environment is its effect on an individual’s way of thinking. So in an attempt to change the way how you see things, there’s a need for cognitive restructuring. Meaning, the brain should follow a process of reevaluation to differentiate rational and irrational beliefs. That’s how understanding thoughts getting mixed up with emotion is part of the process of cognitive reform. So to be able to get the healthiest emotions, you need to understand how the below factors work.


Utilizing A Positive Attitude – Always staying positive is quite impossible to sustain. However, using an outlet can provide a solution, especially if you can spot the signs early. By finding genuine about everything wrong, the stimulation of the brain chemicals goes up. Therefore, it creates a higher chance of positive buildup on different occasions. Another advantage of utilizing a positive attitude is the power to attract useful energy. It keeps the mind focus, available, and healthy.  It also saves the well-being of pressure and stress.

Identify Key Triggers Of Stress – The best chance of achieving emotional wellness is by identifying the stressing points in your life and doing something about it. Sometimes, not all things require an immediate resolution, so learn to manage what fundamentally matters to you. From there, find a definite step-by-step way of dealing with things. Do not allow pressure and other factors intercept with your motivations and goals. According to Ben Martin, Psy.D., “Your cognitive reaction to a situation plays a role in determining how stressful a situation is to you. This reaction is characterized by your appraisal of the nature, importance and implications of the event, and by your ability to effectively manage or cope with the event.”


Seeking Emotional Support – One essential key to happiness is the thought of having a few honest and close relationships. An individual doesn’t need too many people around him and can live with only a few. Therefore, there’s no need to tie one’s self to external events that don’t guarantee emotional development. Instead, focus on people that matter. Allow them to contribute not only on your emotional strength but also in mental and behavioral aspects as well.

Expressing The Emotions – Every people’s emotions are entirely different. Though sometimes, some of it can be the same as yours. However, the passion for expressing what you like and what you want to do will become the basis of your emotional expression. Be open with your feelings as much as possible. Allow yourself to also experience negative emotions such as anger, agitation, humiliation, sadness, and pain. Never fight it and learn to use it for good intentions instead. When you feel safe enough to let your guard down, whether that’s alone or with someone you trust, you can focus on the situation, fully experience the feelings and may then be able to better understand why it hurts and what you want to do about the situation,” says Ryan Howes, Ph.D.


Accepting And Learning From Mistakes – The awareness of the changes in your behavior, health, approach, and decisions is a sign that you are admitting your mistakes. By that, you can try shifting the directions of your way of thinking. Instead of ignoring the wrong things you’ve done, learn from it and create something out of it. Everybody makes mistakes, and you are not exempted from that. You’re human after all so don’t you dare blame yourself. Mistakes unnerve us. We don’t want to let people down. We don’t want others to feel upset or get mad at us” says Jennifer Thomas, Ph.D.

Emotional wellness requires an awareness of thoughts and feelings. You can’t achieve it by just focusing on doing the same thing over and over again. Its development depends on your emotional and mental capabilities too.

The Key Secrets to Happiness At The Workplace



There are many things that you need to remember if you want to achieve ultimate happiness in the workplace. First of all, it is essential for you to recognize the fact that there is always diversity in any company. The members comprising the firm’s group of employees usually come from different backgrounds or with varying views about some matters. Second, always keep in mind that your boss, as well as your colleagues, may have expectations from you.

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5 (Plus 1) Simple Ways To Enrich Your Social Health

Because Being Socially Healthy Is Needed To Be Well-Fully Complete



Our wellness’ social factor is something we give little regard of compared to how we take care of our minds and even our physical bodies. Moreso if we are introverts as we think being socially inclined is something extroverts do and being the wallflower of every party we attend is our thing.

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Being Good At Emotional Wellness: How To Do It?



When it comes to being healthy, it does not only mean having a balanced diet or being physically active. There are actually eight dimensions of wellness and one of which is the emotional aspect. According to Jeff Gardere, PhD  “When you feel good about yourself, it’s much easier to cope with life’s little ups and downs as well as bigger events.” This involves having the ability to live a positive life and good mental health. It pertains to a state wherein you are at peace of yourself. There is a high level of emotional wellness once you become aware of your feelings and you know how to express different emotions. 

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Is the Use of E-Cigarettes Dangerous For You?



There are a growing number of e-cigarette users all over the world. “E-cigarettes are easy to find, easy to use and easy to hide for far too many children in this country,” says Amy Lukowski, PsyD, MPH. Its popularity can be attributed to many factors. Many users claim that e-cigarettes are the perfect solution to help them quit smoking. “Cravings are both mental and physical.” said Dr. Kevin Gilliland, Psy.D. However, some individuals also claim that this electronic nicotine delivery device merely satisfies the need of smokers without preventing them from actually smoking.

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Enumerating The Eight Wellness Dimensions And How They Improve Health



By understanding the eight essential dimensions of wellness, a person can attribute each dimension to different aspects of life, making existence more meaningful.

To you, what is wellness? How does it shape your humanity? What do you think are the different factors that determine a person’s overall well-being?

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