Are You Emotionally Healthy? A Counseling Guide To Mental Wellness

Emotionally healthy? yes i am healthy

Are you emotionally healthy? What is emotionally healthy? What does it take to be an emotionally healthy person?

Every individual’s emotions are complex. Each emotionally healthy person requires constant progress which should provide individuals the ability to cope with stressors and life events that often influence negative feelings. Emotionally healthy people reflect on positivity. However, it does not mean that emotionally healthy people are always happy all the time. Put it in a way that they are curious about their thoughts and feelings, as they actively engage with their habits and lifestyles. But how can you know and identify if you’re emotionally healthy?

Few Signs That You Are  Psychologically Well

You Keep In Touch With Emotions

There’s nothing wrong with keeping in touch with your feelings. It can be one of the best things you can do to acknowledge the behaviors accompanying the negative feelings. However, clinging too much to that negativity can confuse you, making you unable to identify and manage them. And as things become too overwhelming, you eventually get drawn to get upset with almost everything.

Thus, you would know that you are emotionally healthy when you:

  • Don’t make a big deal out of everything
  • Do not overthink the situation
  • Try to be reasonable as possible
  • Relax and be mindful of the situation
  • Avoid negative self-talk

Emotionally Healthy People Bounce Back From Failure

There’s no certainty in life. And as much as you want to avoid it, you will experience failure like the rest of the people in the world. Failure can discourage you as it makes your goals seem out of reach. Failure can drive you to an imbalance as the things around it works hand in hand with pressure, stress, expectations, and disappointments. It can make you believe that you can’t be emotionally healthy.

But when you are well, you deal with failure differently as you:

  • Focus on the things you can control
  • Reevaluate the situation before acting upon it
  • Put in more effort and not sour grape about the situation
  • Plan and Try different approaches

People Adapt To Situations

Believing that everything genuinely happens for a reason is a good thing and a sign that you are emotionally healthy. In fact, when you hold onto being emotionally healthy, it can make you feel less guilty about your decisions in life. However, you shouldn’t use it as an excuse and convince yourself that it is okay to cling to negative feelings. Instead, use your strength to allow you to maintain a positive preview of the things around you. It would be emotionally healthy to believe in it because that belief can help you:

  • Get through and adapt to situations
  • Appreciate what you gain than what you lost
  • Allow you to recognize your weaknesses
  • Determine the cause of your stressed, anxious, and depressed behaviors

You Like Yourself For Who You Are

When you are great and emotionally healthy, you appreciate yourself more, even in the worst moments. This is also a good sign of mental stability. But note that liking yourself does not mean you do not acknowledge the bad things about you, but it simply implies you are putting more effort into accepting your flaws rather than overthinking about them. Liking yourself means you aim for growth and development and not just stick around with positive compliments. Thus, you can say that you are well when you:

  • Avoid negative thoughts
  • Don’t self-criticize
  • Exercise self-compassion
  • Don’t self-sabotage

Emotionally Healthy People Look At The Bigger Picture

Your every decision can cause either positive or negative reactions or consequences. With that, you understand that the only way you can get through the struggles in life is to look at things differently. Though sometimes, it can be difficult. But it would be best if you get your facts about a situation. Understand the possible effects of your feelings on other things to not end up just thinking and not doing anything. You will soon realize that you are well because:

  • You can navigate through the difficulty of the problem
  • You can see a different viewpoint of the entire situation
  • You get an immediate grasp of what you can and can’t control
  • You realize the importance of taking action one at a time
  • You solve problems based on mental and emotional intelligence
  • You stay with a positive attitude no matter what

Takeaway on Becoming Emotionally Healthy

You must practice self-reflection to incite struggles and higher self-awareness of your mental and emotional wellness. Be critical and honest about how you feel. Consider pausing for a while to be emotionally healthy and thinking through things to know how your actions and decisions will affect your present and future.

Be resilient and develop a realistic plan that can carry you through tough times. Because in some unfortunate instances, you won’t be able to handle your expressive strength, especially when life brings you too much pain. Remember to trust yourself and the process of becoming emotionally healthy because you deserve better.